Rifle Falls

In the late 1800s, the site of today’s Rifle Falls state park was purchased by a private owner wanting to create a commercial tourist attraction. Over the ensuing decades, the park was transferred to the state, which began managing it as a park in 1966. One of the attractive features of the park is that the pathways are laid out so that one can view the falls from a variety of angles, even from behind the left-hand stream. The climb to the top is also very worthwhile, as you compare the size of the tiny people below to the huge streams of water pouring down from the cliff.

Falls Reflected In River From Behind Rifle Falls Rifle Falls From Mid-Level Rifle Falls From Sun Sided
Rifle Falls From Upper Level Top O' The Falls Rifle Falls Upper Level View

Rifle Falls Colorado 2012

Falls From Above

From Behind Falls

Mid-Level View Of Falls

Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls From Above

Rifle Falls From Meadow

Rifle Falls Reflected In River

Sign Explaining The History

Top O' the Falls

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