Ophir Pass

The road up to Ophir Pass begins with driving through pleasant groves of aspen trees, a scenic joy during the Fall foliage season. As we go higher, we catch glimpses of the high peaks that surround us and can take shots that include the yellow aspens and the towering mountaintops jutting up behind them. When we reach 10,000 feet, we break out above the tree line and take in the entire stupendous view.

Above the last of the trees, we drive across open tundra and begin climbing the single-lane road up to the Pass itself. The road is a challenge. If you meet a car coming the other way, both drivers have to fold in their side mirrors, nearly trade paint jobs on their car doors--and the guy on the outside (that was me) prays a lot.

But it was all worth it for the views!


Blazing Hillside Ophir Road The Top Of Ophir Pass Road Descending Ophir Pass Road Looking South Toward Silverton
Route 550 South Of Ophir Road Mountain From Ophir Road The Road Winds Ever Upward
Lake South Of Ophir Road Looking Up To Barren Peaks View from Lower Ophir Pass Road
  Hillside Near Telluride  
Hillside Near Telluride 1 Hillside Near Telluride 2 Hillside Near Telluride 3 Hillside Near Telluride Panorama

High Area of Ophir Pass

Ophir Pass Road

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