Red Rock Canyon

The accessible portions of Waterton Lakes include spectacular Waterton Lake with the postcard-perfect setting for the Prince of Wales Hotel, Cameron Falls, Cameron Lake and Red Rock Canyon.

As always during the short Summer season, visitors may find road repair work for Winter damage hindering access to some areas. In 2013, it was the closure of the scenic road through the mountains to Cameron Lake.

For hardy hikers, there are miles of trails leading to attractions such as Bear Hump and Goat Haunt.

During my visit, a pall of smoke from distant forest fires hindered photography. I’d love to see Waterton under really clear skies.

Outside the park gates, a nearby preserve allows a small group of bison to feed with amazing intensity. A quiet road brings you right to them, but it is not advisable to get out of your car.

Miss Conviviality they are not.…

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1 Early Sun Hits Red Stone 2 Sunlight Illuminates Red Rock 3 Stream Show Intense Color Of Rocks
4 Hikers Along Red Rock Canyon 5 Mountains Around Red Rock Canyon

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