Sonora Pass, Beardsley Reservoir, Pinecrest Lake & Donell Resevoir

Route 108 leaves the North/South main highway (Route 395) at Sonora Junction and climbs up into the Sierras past the Sonora Pass, Leavitt Falls, Donnell Lake, Beardsley Reservoir and Pinecrest Lake. Great scenery!

Fall 2014

1 Sonora Pass Sign
2 Leavitt Meadows
3 Fall Foliage And Mountain Tops
4 Valley Between Peaks Ebbetts Pass
5 Donnell Reservoir
6 Peak Near Ebbetts Pass
7 Small Reservoir NearEbbetts Pass
8 Looking Down On Beardley Reservoiur
9 Beardley Reservoir
10 Pinecrest Lake
11 Pinecrest Lake From Phantom

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