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The California Scouting Expedition, Spring ~ May 2014 ~ below
Now with 2014 Fall addition "Changing of the Colors!"

In preparation for a trip to the Front Range of the Sierra Nevada when the leaves are changing in the Fall, I went to the Mono Lake/Yosemite region for an early familiarization; it always helps to have visited the territory; it tends to make a subsequent visit more efficient.
Some of the roads over the high passes were still closed from Winter, but I was able to see some very impressive scenery. The lakes near Mammoth Lakes are stunning, there were beautiful waterfalls, and I was always within sight of the snow-covered peaks of the sierra. Mono Lake itself is awesome, though I hope in the Fall to shoot from high on a nearby mountain (which was to muddy to ascend this time).

The June Lake Loop Spring 2014

Fall 2014

For this quick visit, I began with the June Lakes Loop, a few miles down Highway 395 from Mono Lake and the route over the mountains to Yosemite. There are several lakes along the June Lakes Loop road (June, Gull, Silver and Grant) in an enormous bowl rimmed with high, snow-covered peaks. This is a fine place to act as a home base, and I stayed in a nice bungalow resort in June Lake.

Lundy Lake Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Up the highway to the North past Mono Lake were Lundy Lake and Virginia Lake, on separate roads leading toward the mountain range. Virginia was closed after a short drive, so I concentrated on Lundy Lake Road, which paid scenic dividends. That dirt road drive to the small lake in the mountains is quite a treat!


Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes Spring 2014

Fall 2014

The Mammoth Lake/Mammoth Mountain region has the enormous ski facility enjoying the end of its season. The surprise was the complex of lakes just a few miles away, easily reached on Mary Lake Road out of the center of Mammoth Lakes. This is a heavily wooded area I look forward to exploring further in the Fall.


McGee Creek Road And Crowley Lake Fall 2014


Mono Lake Spring & Fall 2014

Phantom Seen From Below
Aerial Photography Using Drones Fall of 2014

Mono Lake lies at the intersection of Route 395 running North/South and Route 120 leading over the mountains to Yosemite National Park. The lake is huge, salty, and Bright aquamarine. In a way, every road seems to run to the lake.

The Tufa Formations Along the South Shore of Mono Lake Spring 2014

Fall 2014 ~ Aerial Photography Using Drones

Mono Lake is rimmed in certain areas with calcified minerals formed into grotesque towers called Tufa. The best concentration is at the South end of the lake, where the background to pictures is the snow-covered peaks on the horizon.

Mount Whitney Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Driving to Las Vegas from the Mono Lake are allows us to make a brief stop at Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the Sierra. A huge switchback road leads up the face of the range, delivering us to a campground and center from which hikers spread out in all directions. There is a nice waterfall in the middle of the park area. The drive down features some grand views for those who don’t mind heights.

Virginia Lake Fall 2014
Using Drones for Aerial Photography Fall 2014


Twin Lakes and Chemung Mine Fall 2014
Using Drones for Aerial Photography Fall 2014


Monitor Pass and Lake Alpine
Using Drones for Aerial Photography Fall 2014

Tioga Pass (Road to Yosemite), Ellery and Saddle Bag Lakes Fall 2014

Sonora Pass, Beardsley Reservoir,
Pinecrest Lake and Donnell Reservoir Fall 2014
Using Drones for Aerial Photography Fall 2014

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