For a gallery on the Needles portion of Canyonlands National Park, please visit our Moab, Utah Gallery.

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Canyonlands National Park covers a huge area, and is divided into three sections. The northern section, which is near Arches National Park, is both accessible and spectacular. It has miles of cliffs which a photographer can walk right up to. The views from these cliffs seem to extend for many miles--a bonanza for the photographer.

Looking South from Grand View Point Looking North from Grand View Point Looking West from Canyon rim The Hand Canyons below Grand View Point View from Shaeffer Point
  Mesa Arch at Dawn Dawn light and cliffs through Mesa Arch More cliffs through Mesa Arch  

A YouTube Video including Canyonlands National Park.

September 2011 Gallery

View thru Mesa Arch 2011
Grand View
Grand View in Center
A Grand View Panorama
Backside Overview near Grand View Panorama
Junction Butte from Grand View
Buck Canyon to Manti-LaSals
Couple Franed by Mesa Arch
False Kiva Upper Right
From road near False Kiva
View from near False Kiva.
Flying the Colorado
Green River Overlook Panorama
Impassable Terra in Needles
Monitor and Merrimac Buttes
Only for Manly Men
Schafer Switchback Road
Schafer Trail
Schafer Trail leads to river.
The gathering storm.

Aerial of Colorado double loop

Buck Canyon toward Manti-LaSals

Couple driving on Schafer Trail

Grand View to Junction Butte

Island in the Sky from the Air!

West From Grand View

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