Little Finland Spring of 2015

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Aerial Photography Using Drones

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1 Little Finland Sits Atop A Mesa 2 Little Finland's Mesa

Little Finland Spring 2015 ~ January 15th

There are several unusual places in the West where water and/or wind have fashioned collections of phantasmagorical shapes resembling gargoyles, animals and other artistic extravagances. Utah alone has three: Fantasy Canyon near Vernal, The Devil's Garden South of Escalante and Goblin Valley West of Moab.

Nevada has Little Finland, where atop these buttes I hope to climb lives a population of strange 'creatures.'

This place is so remote that I have asked several locals about it and they have no idea that it exists. This one will be a continuing adventure, because I'm determined to get the pictures!

1 North Access Road To Little Finland 3 Creatures Along Crest Of Little Finland 2 View From Atop Little Finland
4 Rumpled Rock 5 Car From Clifftop

Drone Above Little Finland

3 Cliff Edge With Sculptures 4 Sculptures And Cliff

South End And Corral

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