Summer 2016 NORTHERN Idaho

I made an enjoyable trip to Twin Falls in 2014, just before I took up drone flying.

From that experience, I knew that some of the sites there could be explored in a different way using drones.

Balanced Rock is a fine example of using drones to reach things that some visitors may find difficult. The huge rock takes a short hike uphill, and to reach the base takes a climb—and you are still only at the base! The drone, by contrast, flies right up over the trails, and can come face to face with the rock!

Niagara Springs is a state park along the banks of the Snake River. Water gushes from the walls of the surrounding land as agricultural canals eventually deliver their water to the river.

Perrine Bridge is famous as a BASE Jumper site, the only legal high point for these parachutists in America.

Perrine Coulee Falls is around the corner from the bridge, and quite near the town of Twin Fall. Another park, Centennial Park, sprawls below the site of the falls, and from them you can see the bridge off to the East.. A serene and magical place.

Shoshone Falls & Parks The falls themselves... are quite famous, but only locals know that the power company has developed some beautiful parks along the Snake River just above the falls, and at Dierkes Lake, also right next to the Snake River. This is a spectacular place for the drones!

Tipperary Corner and the Hanson Bridge lie East of Twin Falls by a few miles. This is another span across the Snake River. It was too windy for drone flying when I went, but on a calm day it would be a good target.

Twin Falls Hydro Power Plant is found just a couple of miles East of famed Shoshone Falls. A park has been built around the lake, and the water roaring out of the plant is the essence of the raw power inherent in fast-moving water.

Upper Mesa Falls I then went to the eastern border where Idaho and Wyoming meet. I’ll put all those in a separate gallery under The Greater Yellowstone Region. While there, I flew the Inspire drone over the awesome Upper Mesa Falls, which are a few miles South of the West Yellowstone entrance.

When I showed the drone’s video at a party in that neighborhood, the locals said, “We’ve been to that falls a hundred times and only seen one end of them!” That’s because the only viewing platforms are along the East side—you can’t see across the face of the falls from them!

Lake Walcott State Park lies some miles toward the East beyond the Tipperary Corner crossing. The Park is only a small section of the large reservoir’s shoreline, but offers some nice views for the drone.

Yingst Falls, the small but charming Yingst Falls are found near the town’s golf course on Yingst Road. The alcove the falls have carved shelters the drone from the winds that are constant in Idaho. Like so many places n the rim of the gorge, the views of the Snake River are magnificent.

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