Oregon Fall 2017 Eagle Creek Fire

I was stunned two months after my second visit to the Columbia Gorge, to see news reports of a 33,000-acre fire doing catastrophic damage there.

A hiker reported seeing a group of teenagers laughing as they tossed fireworks off a cliff down into a forest canyon. There is footage of a group of teens being stopped and questioned by police.

Multnomah Falls, the gem of the Gorge, was surrounded by fire, and firefighters soaked the Multnomah Falls Lodge building to save it from the approaching flames.

I included two Google Earth overviews to identify the landmarks threatened by the blaze. And more landmarks threatened.

Note the enormous breadth of the fire. I traveled back and forth along this thirty-mile stretch of river and cliff dozens of times to video the various falls and Bonneville Dam.

News reports say that both roads will be closed for weeks or months as thousands of burned trees must be removed before they fall on passing cars.

First two photos of Bonneville Dam!

1 From Washington Side Near Bonneville Dam
2 From Washington Side Near Bonneville Dam 2
3 Multnomah Falls Fire
4 Saving Multnomah Falls
5 Multnomah Falls Fire 2

6 Multnomah Falls Fire 3

7 Fire At Multnomah Falls
Columbia Gorge A Blaze
Columbia Gorge A flame
Columbia Gorge A flame 2
Video taken
April 10, 2018
Multnomah Falls

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