1 Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Though drones are not allowed in national parks, I visited Crater Lake as part of my 2017 trip to southern Oregon.

The lake is spectacular at any time, but a dusting of snow from a recent storm made it even prettier. I was fortunate that the temperature rose while I was there, the roads opened and I was able to drive around the western rim road all the way to the northern entrance road.

Interestingly, the high rim of the crater made using a drone not even necessary to get the great views.

By arriving in mid October, I also avoided the Summer crowds and had no problem finding parking at all of the key overlooks except those on the western rim road. That was still snowed in.
1 Crater Lake Pano From Sentinel Rock
3 Crater Lake at Vidae Ridge
2 Crater Lake Map
4 Wizard Island And Crater Lake With A bit Of Sun
5 Phantom Ship Amid Reflection Of Snowy Mountain
6 Phantom Ship Below Dutton And Vidae Ridges
7 Crater Lake From Sentinel Rock Note Phantom Ship
8 Crater Lake Morning With A Clear Sky At Sentinel Rock
9 Wizard Island And Watchman Formation West Rim
10 Dutton Ridge
11 The Pumice Castle Overlooks The Lake
12 The Pumice Castle By Telephoto
13 South End Of Crater Lake From Cloudtop
17 Red Cone Near Crater Lake 1
15 Crater Lake From Steel Bay Northeast Rim
18 Red Cone Near Crater Lake 2
19 The Pinnacles
20 The Pinnacles

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