Columbia Gorge Attractions

During my spring visit to Columbia Gorge, the year of plentiful precipitation made the waterfalls roar. By my Summer visit, the flows had moderated a bit, but were still exciting to see.

It is easy to see the difference the Summer weather here makes when you view the videos of Vista House two months apart. From gloomy to radiant with a bit of Sun!

1 Vista House

This is a masterpiece of highway design, and is visited by every car which travels the Historic Highway 30 past the line of waterfalls between Corbett and Cascade Locks.

2 Horsetail Falls

This is one of the most convenient of all the falls on the Historic highway. It’s pool, with the base of the thunderous falls, is but a few feet from the road. Visitors can walk right down to the edge of the pool to enjoy the cataract.

3 Multnomah Falls

The falls are 650 feet in height, and are stunning to observe from the platform and bridge provided for visitors. If ever a waterfall could be termed ‘majestic,’ this is the one. Tall and graceful, it transfixes visitors, who stare up at it in some awe.

4 Starvation Creek Falls

This is one falls I couldn’t get the drone up for in April, so I made it a point to come here in June. The falls are in a canyon flanked by high hill topped with tall trees. It is a bit daunting, because the drone has to go over the obstacles and not hit any. I was happy to have it back on the ground!

5 Bonneville Dam

My visit to Bonneville in April was a bit of a disappointment. It really needed a bright Sun, which I was fortunate to enjoy in June. I was on the Washington State side of the Falls, where the highway curves right in front of the dam and provides a perfect launch point.

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