Mount Hood And Near By Lakes

1 The Mountain And Trillium Lake

I visited Mount Hood in April, but many of the roads were blocked by snow. Two months later, the roads were clear, the air was warm, and I went right up to the visitor center for a glorious view of the summit. Trillium Lake road was now open, so I did some aerial and land photography from there. You can also see Trillium lake in a sweeping view the drone took from near the summit.
2 Mount Hood From Trillium Lake
4 Mount Hood From Trillium Lake 2
5 Mount Hood Pano

2 The Mountain From Trillium Lake

3 Mount Hood From Ramp At Trillium Lake

3 Clear Lake

This small lake is a bit further from the mountain than Trillium, and is a favorite for campers and boaters.

4 Timothy Lake

This is a bit further down the road than Clear Lake, and somewhat more pristine and less developed. The novelty for me was the fire hose spray coming out below the dam, as the lake was full from the Winter’s precipitation.

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