Needles Highway As Seen From The Drone Above
South Dakota Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

Driving the Needles Highway With A GoPro On The Hood!

To contrast the Needles Highway as seen from the road compared to what the drone sees, I did a number of videos with the GoPro while driving. That parade of Corvettes in the first video was part of a large Corvette event in the town of Spearfish, some miles North of here.

Hikers are also plentiful up here, as many trails run all through the spires.

The single-lane tunnels require a lot of courtesy by drivers, especially the usually-crowded Needle’s Eye Tunnel.

After sampling the GoPro’s view from the road as you drive the Needles Highway through the Custer State Park, here is what the drone could see as it soared over the area.

I was especially happy to look down on the cars entering the Needles’ Eye Tunnel from both ends. I had a wonderful time doing these flights.

Looking down at the Cathedral Spires Trailhead (that’s the hairpin turn with the parking spaces) showed us what the most famous set of formations in the park looked like from the air.

9 CathedralS pires Trailhead

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