1 Mount Rainier
Washington Spring 2018

Aerial Photography Using Drones

The only entrance that was open when I visited was the Nisqually (southern) entrance. That was my main target on this visit, so it didn’t inhibit my activity.

I did try to go to the northern entrance, but it was closed because the roads are washed out.

To record the trip up the mountain, I mounted the GoPro on the hood, drove up the winding road and stopped at some extraordinary waterfalls which were very impressive.

Mount Rainier is huge, dominating the horizon for many miles around.  I included some pictures taken as I approached, and you will also see the mountain in several of the lake sections in these galleries.

1 Mt. Rainier Seen As We Approach 2 Mt. Rainier From Across Nisqually River Valley
3 Getting Closrer To Mt. Rainier
8 Nisqually River Valley 9 Looking Down Nisqually River Valley
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