2 Easton And Kachess Lakes
Washington Spring 2018

Aerial Photography Using Drones

There are many lakes in this region. The ones I visited were in four main areas--along the highway to Snoqualmie Pass and Seattle, around Mount Rainier, South of the Grand Coulee Dam and North along the Columbia River.

Along the highway to Seattle were Lakes Cle Elum, Easton, Kachess and Keechelus.

Around Mount Rainier were Dog, Riffe, Mineral and Tieton Lakes.

Lorene and Soda Lakes are alkaline bodies of water which are part of the Grand Coulee. Their alkalinity, (especially in Soda Lake) limits the species which can inhabit them.

In its own separate gallery, Chelan with its large lake and the nearby Columbia river.

While the Southwest suffers drought, the northern states are blessed with a lot of water—though even there, the water supplies are not as abundant as in past eras.

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