6 The Rivers
Washington Spring 2018

Aerial Photography Using Drones

Northwest Washington State is blessed with large and abundant rivers. Most highways and major roads are built in the river valleys, making one constantly aware that this agricultural and ranching area is a powerful force in the economy.

The Columbia River is enormous and central, but rivers such as the Yakima, Snake, Skykomish, Tieton, Wenatche, Cowlitz and Tye keep appearing next to the roads as we drive the region.

Spring is the season of huge water flows due to snow melt. The Wenatche and Tye Rivers running West out of the town of Leavenworth were roaring. The Tye had the very noisy, churning Deception Falls, while several miles of the Wenatche were spectacular even on a dark and cloudy day.

The Yakima runs between Yakima and Ellensburg in a vast canyon which makes a perfect setting for the dramatic river.

1 Snake And Columbia Rivers At Lyons Ferry

2 Wanapum Dam And Vantage On The Columbia River

3 Skykomish River

1 Upriver Is A Dangerous Tangle Of Power Lines

4 Yakima River

5 Wind Farm Near Yakima River

6 Wenatchee River

7 Tye River

8 Tieton River


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