3 Glendo Reservoir And State Park
Wyoming Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

Eighty-two miles southeast of Casper lay Glendo, which has an immense dam and reservoir developed as a state park. It is a paradise for boat owners, many of who bring their craft in on trailers, and for campers, who also turned out in huge numbers on the weekend.

I found a peninsula on which to stand, so that I could fly the drone out over the lake and see all the boats that were in use. Since it was a weekend, there were plenty to watch.

Then I drove over to the huge dam, which can be seen in the background of the initial wide shots. Did I mention that it’s huge? Also, it is hard to photograph, which made the drone invaluable in capturing the scale of the scene.

I stood at one end of the bridge, flew the drone far down into the valley (note the water flow churning away!). Then back up the face of the dam out over the lake. Finally, I flew back over the dam to show the gorgeous valley below.

1 Map Of Glendo State Park And Reservoir
4 Glendo Dam Sign
5 Face Of Glendo Dam
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