4 Guernsey Reservoir And Dam
Wyoming Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

This was a find! It lies some twenty miles or so South of Glendo, and is rather different from its larger neighbor. Where Glendo is huge and open, Guernsey boasts high, scenic buttes above labyrinthine waterways. There are plenty of facilities for campers and boaters, but they are hidden away in little coves and around bends.

When the boaters come through, they of course follow the waterways. Sitting ducks!

As a bonus, I stopped at the Guernsey Dam and put the drone up. Not only was I surprised by the sudden appearance of a speed boat pulling some ‘tubers,’ but the more I looked at the spillway below the dam the more water I saw flowing.

So, I went to the other end of the dam, launched the drone out over the valley, and descended to get some footage of the churning rapids from much closer. Another example of the kind of scene that practically demands the use of a drone.

2 Map Of Guernsey Reservoir And Park
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