6 Devil's Tower
Wyoming Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

When you say ‘Devil’s Tower,’ locals will immediately correct you with the Indian legend.

Bears Lodge is fine with me.

Devil’s tower was a centerpiece in the Steven Spielberg film Close  Encounters of the Third kind, and I’m sure one would hear the music as night fell and the Universe closed in.

The first thing one notices is that unless one hikes up around the base, all the pictures from the few roadside pullouts seem to be the same picture. This is a case where aerial photography expands the experience by showing different perspectives of the formation in ways my still camera couldn’t.

The annual bikers’ events in Sturges are still a few weeks away, so the enormous numbers I have seen in some videos weren’t in evidence. The traffic was very light, few vehicles passing.

2 Devil's Tower From Camp Site
3 Telephoto From Launch Point
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