12 Rock Springs, Pinedale And The Wind River Range
Wyoming Summer 2017

Returning from Casper, I had already been to Vernal so I looked around for other areas to explore. A group of lakes North of Rock Springs seemed a good candidate, and indeed they proved remarkable as subjects!

Aerial Photography Using Drones

1 Big Sandy Reservoir
I stopped halfway through the drive to Pinedale to fly the modest dam of the small reservoir. A warm-up for the big lakes further north.

2 Fremont Lake
This huge body of water lies closest to town, and is rimmed by high altitude roads which give the drone an airplane-like view.
4 Fremont Lake - Pano
3 Half-Moon Lake
This small lake is on a side road just to the South of larger Fremont Lake.
4 Boulder Lake
This lake took a twenty-mile ride on a difficult (in some places tortuous) dirt road, but it was worth it. A lovely spot, and the road keeps the less rugged out!
5 Willow Lake
Willow is huge, like Fremont, and some of its roads are very rugged. I followed one and came face to face with a torrent of snowmelt water pouring down the mountain engulfing the roadway.
6 Soda Lake
This turned out to be the gem of the trip, because it was small enough to fit in the camera frame with the mountain peaks behind it. It is on the road to larger Willow Lake, and on the opposite side of Fremont Lake from Half Moon.
Wind River Range Pano

7 Green River
This small town on the Green River lies just West of Rock Springs. A park on an island in the river proved a god place to warm up, except for a pesky power line!

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