Great Basin National Park

The Great Basin is a geologic formation caused by collisions of tectonic plates millions of years ago. Encompassing almost all of Nevada and parts of adjoining states, the Great Basin has more distinct mountain ranges than th rest of North America.

In the Great Basin, water from the mountains does not flow to the sea; instead, it percolates into the ground, forms lakes or evaporates.

The small national park is located in East central Nevada, on the border with Utah. It is centered on the glacier-scoured Snake Range, dominated by its highest mountain, 13,063-foot Wheeler Peak.

The labyrinthine Lehman Caves are found at the foot of Wheeler Peak, penetrating a quarter-mile into solid rock.

Fall Colors

2 Aspens And Contrails A Beautiful Drive Aspens Near Summit Aspen Grove Nears Summit
Aspen Groves Near Summit Aspens In Bright Colors Aspens Like Fire Shady Road And Flame Colored Trees
Aspens With Summit In Background At Summit Parking Lot Color Everywhere Color Everywhere 2
Color Everywhere Panorama Intense Colors Road Below Corner Road down from Summit
Road To Corner B Approachig The Park Panorama Road to the Summit

Lehman Caves

Drip Art Entrance Ceilling Flashlight Beams On Stone Formations In Lehman Caves
Gallery In Lehman Ghostly Chamber Huge Column Icicles In The Darkness
Gothic Palace Gothic Palace A Gothic Palace B Gothic Palace C
Parachute Shields Parachute Shields cropped Spectacular Speleothems

Wheeler Peak

Entry Sign to Weeler Peak Aspens Summit In Background Raod down from Summit Road to Summit
Aspen Grove near Summit Approading the Park Panorama Aspen Groves near Summit
Mountan Range from Wheeler Road Car with Peak and Colors!!! Wheeler Peak Across meadows. Peak through Trees
Contrails Galore Fall Colors Wheeler Peak and Contrails. Teresa Lake And Glacier. Teresa Lake And Summit.
View From 10,000 Feet. Wheeler Peak And Fall Colors panorama.

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