Hoover Dam in Nevada

Hoover Dam was built in 1931-36, during the Great Depression. It was a monumental engineering and construction achievement. For example, it was estimated that if all the concrete were poured in a single process it would have taken 125 years to harden. So, the contractors had to develop methods of circulating chilled water through the sections of concrete as they were poured.

58 stories in height, the dam contains its giant turbines generate electric power which is then distributed throughout the Southwest and California.

The dam is also a major tourist attraction, lying as it does thirty miles by highway from Las Vegas. On any weekend and even weekdays the entire site is crowded with visitors.

From the various overlooks we can see the waters of Lake Mead being channeled to the turbine inlets, the collecting towers on the upstream side of the structure and the deep gorge below the dam with the new bypass bridge soaring far above it.


Bridge sige View of Hoover Dam from by pass bridge Wide angle view of dam from bridge.
Hoover Dam May 28, 2010. Houver Dam and Gorge Three. Upstream from Hoover Dam side one.
Face of Hoover Dam up close. Face of Hoover Dam from Visitor Center Houver Dam Downstream and Bridge.
Hoover Dam Upstream and Lake Mead. Lake Mead North Of Hoover Dam Pano Bridge from Vistor Center.

A Panorama of Hoover Dam Upstream from Carl Roessler

Hoover Dam and Gorge With Bridge from Carl Roessler

Hoover Dam From the Bridge from Carl Roessler

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