Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona

Meteor Crater lies East of Flagstaff and just short of Winslow, six miles off the major I-40 highway in northern Arizona. In my case, it was an easy stop on the way to Canyon de Chelly and just a bit of a detour from Sedona.

It is hard to make a modern drama out of a meteor colliding with Earth 40,000 years ago (though the park’s web site gives it a game try Meteor Crater). Still, standing on the rim of a mile-wide crater gets one’s attention.

The Meteor Crater has an interesting history, which is discussed quite thoroughly here Daniel Barringer’s insistence that the giant crater was from a meteor rather than natural volcanic activity was proven correct.

One need only look closely at the surface of the Moon to realize how Earth’s atmosphere protects from most impacts. Fortunately.

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Approach to Meteor Crater. Big Truck approaches the Visitor's Center.
Meteor Crater Panorama Meteor Crater Ob Deck.

Meteor Crater Sweep from Carl Roessler

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