Loloata Island Resort

By Carl Roessler

On my most recent visit to Papua New Guinea, I tried something that was new to me. Throughout my career, I have always had to be in a hurry, rushing from one boat to another. I never felt that I could take a couple of extra leisurely days anywhere.

Sea Cucumber of Papua New Guinea!
This time, I allowed myself three glorious nights and two extra dive days at Loloata Island Resort after my cruise aboard
Golden Dawn. School of Snappers in PNG.
Loloata is located on it’s own private island, a few miles East of Port Moresby along the coast. The massive barrier reef that runs along the coast here is blessed with many of the unusual species that made Milne Bay famous–Rhinopias scorpionfish, schooling snappers, pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimp, leaf scorpionfish in dazzling purple, deadly stonefish and a long list of others.

Photo by Rocky Roe

Some rooms in the resort are air-conditioned, some not, so be sure to specify which you’d like. Those of you who can take the time for these extra days can use them either as a warm-up before your cruise, and they are a wonderful way to work off your jet lag. Tomato Clownfish of Papua New Guinea

In my case, they allowed a few extra dives to concentrate on the rare species. Dik Knight, Loloata’s proprietor, is himself an avid diver and has an encyclopedic knowledge of marine species. He is also a spinner of colorful "war stories," which he and I traded with great enjoyment. It was "Can you top this?" about the rare and strange species of the Pacific!!
Leaf Scorpianfish of PNG
Loloata’s clients are often on their way to or from one of several live-aboards in various parts of Papua New Guinea. Enjoy some extra diving with wonderful, friendly service you’ll be glad you did!!

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