Located off Australia's Queensland coast, the vast Coral Sea extends hundredsof miles eastward to Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Scattered across the cobalt waters like carelessly-flung jewels lie some ofthe most beautiful reefs in the world. For twenty years only a tiny group of privileged divers have gone 300 miles or more out to sea to experience reefs such as Moore, Lihou, Marion, Diamond, and Abingdon! These lie far beyond most of the reefs now accessible to American divers; because they have been visited so rarely they are in pristine condition. 200 foot visibility is fairly common during the September to December season.

During past years we have struggled across this huge expanse of open water in sixty to eighty foot boats, longing for larger ocean-going cruisers. Our prayers are now answered with the hundred and eight foot ElizabethE II, which boasts ten private staterooms (upper and lower berths) each with its own private bath. Add a spacious salon and a separate dining room and you have the perfect Coral Sea dive cruiser.

Come to isolated reefs where sharks, rays, and turtles are frequent visitors, where some of the deeper soft corals can be six feet tall, and where every fish and coral seems to be the biggest you've ever seen! Add crystal clear water and you'll know why Australia's Coral Sea has drawn sophisticated divers despite its incredible size and remoteness.

The real secret to the Coral Sea is to simply travel 100-200 miles beyond the outer range of other vessels. The best-known Australian dive cruisers rarely go beyond Flinders Reef, the innermost of the Coral Sea atolls.

I like a different approach. Instead of putting you on a huge vessel with 24 other divers, Elizabeth E II holds its groups at 18 or less. Instead of stopping only at Flinders Reef she covers 900 miles of Coral Sea, to the reefs that made Australia famous! After flying all the way to Australia, why miss what you came to see? Join Elizabeth E II and experience Marion, Lihou, and other majestic remote reefs in full-suite comfort.

More on the Leafy Sea Dragon! As the Leafy Sea Dragon Program is no longer available, this and other associated pages remain for your vewing pleasure as a reminder of diving's Golden Age.

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