Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

Bilikiki is 127-feet in length, with ten private doubles, each of which has its own private bath. In addition there are two spacious salons and a huge sun-deck. Bilikiki's sister-ship, Spirit of Solomons is also huge and offers similar itineraries.

The Solomons combine diving amid World War II wrecks (ships and aircraft) with world-class reef sites giving terrific flexibility to individuals and groups. For example, group charters can explore the fantastic wrecks of Tsavo; groups who wish to dive fewer wrecks and more reef sites can dive the reefs of literally hundreds of islands. The Solomons are an immense group of islands, offering you colossal walls, crowded and colorful coral gardens. Whatever kind of dives you do today, you may enjoy wildly different experiences tomorrow.

Some massive atolls are found in the Solomons. These great rings of flame coral surround islands and lagoons, but plunge to abyssal depths on their outer flanks.

Dozens of passes funnel water in and out of the spacious lagoons. At the corners of these passes wondrous concentrations of marine animals congregate. Vast carpets of brilliant soft corals dazzle the eye. Millions of colorful tropical reef fish swarm above the reef, while out in the open water huge Napoleon fish, sharks, turtles, rays, and schooling jacks provide thrills. The corners of these passes are some of the most exciting diving in the entire Pacific. As more divers come to know of them, the Solomons will join Papua New Guinea, Australia's Coral Sea, and Fiji as the South Pacific's "must" destinations.

For a grand diving adventure in an unspoiled diver's Eden, let me help you arrange your cruise aboard Bilikiki or Spirit of Solomons today.

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