Grand Tour of Sudan

Sometimes our greatest adventures are born in adversity. When airline problems anda military coup made transiting our divers through Port Sudan difficult, our captainsuggested a spectacular alternative. Why not cruise from Sharm-el-Shiekh down tothe Sudan in a circular route, exploring the sensational reefs and islands neverbefore seen by divers? By beginning and ending our cruises in Sharm, we would avoidany of the problems of the Sudan, yet still offer our divers the Red Sea's most remoteand beautiful reefs.

Our Sudan cruises operated this new itinerary with spectacular success. The divingwas certainly the most untouched and exotic in the Red Sea, far surpassing the Sinaireefs in the North and the Sudanese reefs to the South. Day after day we dove wallsof blazing color so pristine we knew no other divers had ever impacted them. Ourcruise covered nearly 700 miles; we dove six different major reef groups. Severalof our sites were so out of the way we knew we were the first divers ever to seethem. What thrills we had!

Due to incredible demand we are delighted to have TWO of the Red Sea's most beautifuldive cruisers offering our northern Red Sea adventures. The 98 foot Poseidon'sQuest pampers only 10 divers in five air-conditioned private suites; the massive85 foot Ghazala Explorer has eight air-conditionedsuites and lots of space. Both vessels offer unlimited diving in unparalleled comfort!

With the size and range of Ghazala Explorer divers can enjoy the Red Sea'sgreatest diving in incredible comfort.

The reefs we visit are filled with life; moray eels, spotted rays, turtles, shimmeringcurtains of reef fish, plunging walls carpeted with purple and rose soft corals.There are also three major wrecks to explore!

Those of you who have enjoyed the greatest, richest reefs the world has to offerhave a new wonder to anticipate. Big animal enthusiasts, photographers, and thosewho want their reefs filled with a parade of gaudy thrills, we have inside advicefor you: this program is limited by the length of the season and size of the vessel,so only a select few divers each year will get to enjoy this adventure. Don't missout!

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Modified 05-23-97