Truk Lagoon

C Deck SalonThis magnificent floating dive resort has carefullydesigned a dive program to maximize both your number of dives and the visibilityyou enjoy. From central locations, it sends up to four simultaneous satellite boatsto different wrecks.

Those of you who have dived Truk's wrecks know that divers' hands, feet, and exhaledbubbles dislodge clouds of silt; the best conditions for photography require a minimumnumber of divers. Thorfinn never puts morethan six plus a guide on any wreck. I found this to be absolutely crucial in a weekwhere I enjoyed 31 clear-water dives on 19 different wrecks!Gina's Enjoying the Sites!For any one who has questions on this, please contact me-- it makes a big difference!

During our week of diving adventure, you may sample all of Truk's greatest wrecks- the Fujikawa Maru, Sankisan Maru, Rio De Janiero Maru, the No-Name wreck, the BettyBomber site, and many others. With Thorfinn at anchor among the wrecks, hertwenty four foot tenders depart frequently to another prime wreck. Thorfinnwill treat you to a full week of the world's greatest wreck diving.

The purpose of these one week departures is to make it possible for you to samplethe pleasure of Truk's wreck diving at a reasonable cost. This allows you to sampleother delights of Micronesia or the Far East. After all, Palau, Yap, Hong Kong, andManila are a mere jet hop over the horizon.

Thorfinn has 11 double cabins (3 ensuites), seven heads and showers, a luxurioussalon and even a hot tub. This trip is surely a delight even for non-divers.

For even greater excitement, you can combine a week in Truk Lagoon with the astonishinglyexciting diving of Palau and Yap. You can do a few days of hotel-based Palau divingor join one of the highly popular cruises aboard the amazing Ocean Hunter,and/or dive with the manta rays of Yap. Charter groups can also combine diving Truk'swrecks with the shark-rich reefs of Kuop, 15 miles outside Truk Lagoon. Afuel surcharge is required for these special cruises.

Group charters for groups of any size are available. Longer or shorter stays areeasily booked.

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