Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde Map

The major accessible communities are the Balcony House, Spruce Tree House and Cliff House, However, views of the House of Many Windows, Square Tower House, Oak Tree House are among many which can be seen in large valleys such as Cliff Canyon (See the signs ‘Water Supply’ and ‘Cliff Canyon overview’ in the Cliff Canyon gallery.

Another attraction is Park Point, the highest point in the park. It is not far from the park entrance, and has some spectacular long views.

This is a park that is thrilling for those who enjoyed Can de Chelly, where the settlements of ancient tribes of native Americans are the key attraction.

I’ve separated the pictures into galleries of landmarks at key overlooks for visitors.

Entry and Park Point

3ToweringButteOnEntryRoad 4ViewFromParkPoint
5ParkPointPeakPano 6SuperwideViewNorthParkPointPano 7SignLookingNorthFromParkPoint

Cliff Canyon and Cliff Palace

1SeveralVillagesInCliffs 2CliffCanyonOverlookSign 3CliffHouseWithGuests 4CliffHouse
9OakTreeHouseSign 6ValleyOfVillagesSign 7WellProtectedCommunity 8HouseOfManyWindowsSign
11SunnyTerraceWithView 10OakTreeHouse

Cliff Canyon and Cliff Palace Videos

Balcony House

1BalconyHouseGroupInAnotherLeaving 2BalconyHouse

Square Tower House

1SquareTowerHouseSign 2SquareTowerHouse 3SquareTowerHouse 4SquareTowerHouse

Spruce Tree House

1SpruceTreeHouse   2SpruceTreeHouseSign
4SpruceTreeHouse 5SpruceTreeHouseRanger

Other Attractions

1PitHouseRestorationtif 2NavajoCanyonPano.jpg 3ValleySofParkPoint

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