Lake Havasu City & The Mighty Colorado River
Spring 2016

Three major dams near Las Vegas create Lakes Mead, Mohave and Havasu going Southward. The lakes behind those dams are broad stretches of the mighty Colorado River, and each has become a playground for water sports enthusiasts. Lake Mead has Las Vegas, Lake Mohave has Laughlin and Lake Havasu has its City.

When I was researching for my visit, this site seemed like a place with enormous scenic possibilities. In the end, Lake Havasu and its city delivered more than I had hoped. The peninsula jutting out from the city is connected by the famous London Bridge, transported stone by stone from London, England.

London Bridge is a rare icon indeed, and the peninsula which reaches out into the river is a superb launch point for the drones to soar out over the water. There are two parks along the eastern shore of the river (Rotary Park in the city and Cattail Cove ten miles south) which are picturesque and easy to access.

Parker Dam at the South end of the lake was sweeping and dramatic as I flew over it during a brief sun-filled break in the clouds, and I enjoyed trying to shoot a video which would express it. One can easily understand why many thousands of tourists flood to Lake Havasu every Summer to experience this colossal but serene and soothing river.

1 Lake Havasu City To Parker Dam

2 Peninsula And Channel
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