Bishop Castle In Rye

Bishop Castle is South of Canon City and Pueblo, Colorado. The story of this incredible achievement by a single man and his wife is worth reading!

Any time you think 'The Power of One' is merely a slogan, well read this and smile. Mr. Bishop proves the concept.

All of the weather at lower elevations was poor, but up here near 10,000 feet, the clouds were thin and I could capture some of the wonder of this unique structure and the Fall foliage around it.

It was a privilege to see this work of wonder, especially when some local visitors told me that Mr. Bishop is now suffering from cancer.
Location Of Bishop Castle Near Royal Gorge Bridge In Canon City
1 Castle From Best Vantage Point
2 Bishop Castle From Side
4 Tall Tower From Outer Balcony Open
5 Balcony At Bishop Castle
6 Higher Balconies
7 Fall Foliage From Bishop Castle
8 Stained Glass In Memorial Hall
9 Memorial Hall At Bishop Castle
10 Memorial Panes Of Stained Glass
11 Chimney Close Up
12 Spiral Staircase In Bishop Castle
13 Tall Tower
14 Towers And Catwalks From Balcony
15 High Tower View
16 Top Tower At Bishop Castle
17 Going Down Big Spiral Staircase
18 Wedding Hall At Bishops Castle
19 Wedding Hall Rear Windows
20 Spiral Staircase Below

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