Garden Of The Gods In Colorado Springs

This municipal park is very close to the city, and is well laid out to spread visitors across several scattered areas so that one’s experience is positive. On the other hand, the city Council outlawed drones in the park, so my reason for visiting was thwarted.

Add the rain and clouds that prevailed, and this gallery contains just a few areas I could photograph when the rare break in the cloud cover allowed the Sun through.

I did get a very brief drone flight at the entry parking area where the Kissing Camels formation is located. Then a park employee shut me down. My interest in the park waned when I could only get what any tourist could, so what is here is less than I hoped. I have included a few images from the entry road, from the complex Central Garden  area behind the Kissing Camel formation, and the Balanced Rock area.
1 Garden Road Formations
2 Garden Of Gods 3
3 Central Garden At Gods 2
4 Garden Of Gods 1
5 Garden Of Gods 2
6 Kissing Camels From Ground
8 Balanced Rock And Pikes Peak
10 Central Garden At Gods

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