Montanas Lakes
Montana Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

Montana has an enormous number of lakes of all sizes. There were so many that I stopped flying over the smaller ones after a while.

These are some I flew the drones over near the roads I traveled from Pocatello to Kalispell. Nevada, Salmon, Placid and Seeley were all along the direct route I took between Butte and Kalispell.

 Any other roads one travels around the state would yield as many lakes, because the roads follow the rivers, and dams on the rivers create the lakes.

For example, there were several more of this kind of lake along the highway between Kalispell and the Kootenai Falls, or between Kalispell and Eureka up near the Canadian border on my way to the Koocanusa Bridge.

Our desert southwest can only envy the northern starts for their water abundance!

Clark Canyon Reservoir

Swan Lake

Swan Lake Sign

Seeley Lake


Salmon Lake

Dickey Lake

Nevada Lake

Placid Lake

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