Headwaters Of The Missouri River
Montana Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

This complex, small park is in Three Forks, Montana, East of Butte. I photographed several explanatory signs and include them in a small separate gallery.

At this location, four rivers merge and continue eastward as the Missouri River.  The Jefferson, Madison, Gallatin and Missouri wind around small islands and join, one by one into the single larger river.

Aside from the power lines, this is a very friendly area for drone flying, and the view from above adds immeasurably to our understanding of the complex.

I was delighted when my flight over some drifting fishermen had the drone aloft when a long train appeared. I quickly switched the drone’s camera onto the train.

Signs Explaining The Area

1 Headwaters Park WelcomeS ign 2 Overview Map
3 Second Gallatin City Sign Near Gallatin River 4 Colters Run From The Indians
5 Jeffersons Instructions To Lewis And Clark 6 Lewis And Clark Reach The Headwaters
7 Ling Ferry Crossing 8 Early Gallatin City

Drone Flights

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