El Vado Lake & Dam

If one is fortunate in late Winter to have a sunny morning, Heron Lake and El Vado Lake, North of Albuquerque, are superb subjects. No Summer crowds, and the vast scenery all to oneself.

At each lake, I launched the drone from that lake's dam, then supplemented that angle with stills from the shore near the dams.

Speaking with the dam engineer at El Vado, I learned that the lake level was down 70 feet from its full state, and despite a good beginning to the snow-pack, lately the snowfall has been lacking. They are hoping for more snow in the Rockies, but aren't optimistic for this Spring's runoff.

As a result, the long northern expanse of the lake is completely dry, filled with brush and somewhat chilling to see.

El Vado And Heron Lakes MAP
6 El Vado Dam And Lake
7 Dry North End Of El Vado Lake 8 El Vado At Low Level Pano
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