The Crazy Horse Memorial Mountain
South Dakota Summer 2016

Aerial Photography Using Drones

This was the unknown gem of the entire trip. The Lakota Tribe’s intention is to honor its great warrior with a monument even larger than Mount Rushmore.

It has been under construction for decades, and clearly will take many more.

In the visitor center are exhibits about the monument, including a spectacular sculpture placed so that one can see the unfinished mountain as a backdrop. There are also many exhibits of famous figures in Native American history, clothing, rifles and other memorabilia.

I sent the drone out for two flights on different days, with different sunlight on the second flight at 7:00 A.M. The morning light on Crazy Horse’s face was spectacular to bring out the detail. It was a rather long drone flight, nearly 4,000 feet from the launch point, but the communications held up and I got the story I sought.

1 Display In The Visitor Center

2 Displays In Crazy Horse Museum

3 Displays In Crazy Horse Museum
5 Sculpture Of FinishedC razy Horse Monument 6 Crazy Horse Model And Real Mountain
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