Base Jumpers Off Perrine Bridge

The Bridge named in honor of an early settler is one of the rare places where parachute jumping is legal. Jumpers come in from everywhere. For example, I met three—from Florida, Seattle and Hawaii—who came in for a few days of four to six jumps per day.

Given the exhausting climb back up out of the Snake River Canyon (as you will see in the galleries), four to six jumps is a physically demanding day. I just read an interesting story from the local newspaper, “BASE Jumper too drunk to walk out of Snake River Canyon after jumping off Perrine Bridge.” Think about that after you watch the videos…

Parenthetically, BASE stands for ‘Building, Antenna, Span and Earth,’ the places from which the jumpers parachute.

1TheFounderMisterPerrine 2PerrinePlaque 3PerrineBridgeOverSnakeRiver
4PerrineBridgeFromWalkway 5CanyonRimTrailSign 6TheTwinsPerrineBridgeBackground
7TheTwinsInNiceSun 8OneLeggedJumperClimbsUpOnRailAndJumps 9OneLeggedJumperClimbsUpOnRailAndJumps


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