Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is a huge complex of falls on the Snake River, two miles East of Twin Falls business district. The park is well laid out, so that we can view the huge falls from several vantage points. The falls only run at full capacity for a few weeks each year, and I missed it by a few days. The falls are higher than Niagara Falls, but for most of the year the water is diverted to agriculture and electrical power production.

Despite that, the falls drenched in Sun raise rainbows and are poetry for the viewed.

The gorge below the falls is also very impressive, even featuring another high waterfall precisely across the river from Shoshone Falls.

1ShoshoneFallsafternoonSun 2 Shoshone Falls In Late Sun 3FallsAcrossSnakeRiver
5ShoshoneFallsWithRainbow 6ShoshoneFallsAndSnakeValley

1 The Glory of Shoshone Falls

2 Shoshone Falls

3 Shoshone Falls and Snake River Sweep

4 Shoshone Falls With Beautiful Rainbow

5 Shoshone Falls With Rainbow

6 Waterfall Across From Shoshone

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