Going To The Sun Road

Only one road crosses Glacier National Park, carved into immense mountainsides from St. Mary in the East to Apgar and West Glacier in the West. The road was a stupendous effort, constructed during the Great Depression and completed in 1933.

When you drive the road, and especially when you look down on it from a helicopter, you can’t help but be struck by the colossal, dangerous effort it required.

The road has many overlooks and vast vistas, plus a myriad of trailheads which allow visitors to hike into areas otherwise completely unreachable.

These galleries are designed to have you appreciate prime sections and attractions along the road, and the visuals you would experience if you drove it.

The National Park Service has an interactive map which lets you zoom in all along the road’s route http://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htm

We download a small library of images to display on each of these gallery pages. That takes a number of seconds, but we think you will very much enjoy the result!
Wild Goose Island and St. Mary Lake
Boat On St. Mary Lake
Siyeh Bend to Logan Pass
The Cataract Below Eastern Tunnel
Logan Pass and Visitor Center
View Of Road West From Logan Pass
Hidden Lake
Waterfall And Mineral Stones Below Reynolds Mountain
Westward From Logan Pass

2 Distant View Of Bird Woman Falls

Haystack Falls and Weeping Wall
3 Haystack Falls From Its Base
The Loop and Western Tunnel
Heavens Peak From Western Tunnel
McDonald Lake and Falls
2 Bathers At McDonald Lake

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