Many Glacier

Many Glacier Road is the northernmost of only three roads that enter Glacier National Park, all from the East. Only one of the three roads traverses the entire park (the Going to the Sun Road).

Much of the year the park is snowed in, so during the two months or so of free access by car, visitors come in sizable numbers to experience its wonders.

Glacier is known for its high peaks and especially its beautiful lakes, a number of which are accessed via Many Glacier Road.

Lake Sherburne lies right next to the ten-mile entry road to Many Glacier. At the end of the road lies Swiftcurrent Lake and the trailheads for a number of hiking trails which allow us to reach Lakes Josephine, Fishercap, Red Rock, Grinnell, Bullhead and the sublime Iceberg Lake.

The 20-room grand hotel built by the railroad a century ago still stands in splendor on the shore of Swiftcurrent Lake.

Finally, Apikuny Falls is a short hike from the access Road. In many ways, Many Glacier is like a separate small park within the larger Glacier National Park.
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Dawn Mt Grinnell And Swift Current Lake
Horses Head For Many Glacier Hotel
Many Glacier Hotel
Lake Sherburne Grinnell Glacier In Distance
Grinnel Glacier From Lower Lake
Path To Apikuny With Bear In Woods
Trailhead Sign
Apikuny Falls From Below
Tree On Path To Fishercap Lake
Fishercap Lake Moose A No Show
Lakes In Many Glacier

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