Two Medicine

Two Medicine is the southernmost of the three roads which enter Glacier National Park on its eastern side.

Like Many Glacier in the North, the road gives access to scenic lakes and overlooks, but does not cross the width of the park.

During the brief season (mid-July to mid-September), some days are naturally cloudy. Another problem I ran into was huge forest fires South of the Park, whose plumes of smoke can spread over a thousand miles. Some of my pictures were strongly affected; I grieved over them, because I want to show viewers the parks at their sunny best.

Two Medicine Lake is still very scenic, and a superb place to sit on the beach beside the lake with scenic mountains on all sides.

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The haze visible in some pictures is the smoke from large forest fires in the region.

Lower Two Medicine Lake
Copy Of Mt Sinopah
Running Eagle Falls
River Below Running Eagle Falls

A Video for Your Viewing !!!

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