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Luxor & Karnak 1
Entrance To Luxor Temple
Karnak Temple And Lake
Karnak with a boy and Pharoah
Karnak Ceremonial courtyard
Karnak Columns in Courtyard
Karnak Complex Of Temple Features   Karnak in the Afternoon Sun Karnak Complex Of Temples 2
Temple Courtyard Giant Columns in Karnak Temple Interior  

Luxor & Karnak 2
Giant Columns and Egyptian Karnak's High Obelisk Giant Coumns and more. . .
Giant Columns Gaurdian of the Gate   Line of Statues Giant Columns 3
Karnak Natives Dwarfed   Karnak's High Pbelisk   Karnak High Obelisk and Wall Of Glyphs

Luxor & Karnak 3
Shows size of columns Karnak Tower inside the Gate. Karnak Obelisk Being Manufactured Karnak Wall of Hieroglyphics. Karnak High Columns With Visitors
  Up close of the Statues guarding the entrance. People dwarfed by huge columns. Statues guard the Entrance  
Karnak Obelisk Through Gate   Karnak visitors inside the Temple.   People and Columns

Luxor Grand Entrance 2   Luxor Grand Entrance   Luxor And Karnak Columns
  Luxor Tower Columns And Lions The Colossi Of Memnon Egyptian stands By Defaced Pharaonic Statue  
Luxor And Karnak Lion Statues   Luxor Entrance Near Columns And Lions   Luxor Columns And Lions

Queen Hapshetsut's Tomb

Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza

Valley Of The Kings


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