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United States Practical Shooting Association

The United States Practical Shooting Association is the rule-making body for this branch of the shooting sports, and administers competitions held all over the country. Each year, the local competitions culminate in several national championships for various classes and kinds of firearms. This event was the Multi-gun Nationals, requiring pistol, rifle and shotgun skills.

I had big plans for a drone video bonanza during the five days of competition, but furious 30-50 mile-per-hour winds wiped out drone flying on two of the main days for the competitions, Friday and Saturday. The shooters went ahead under the uncomfortable conditions, but putting the drone up would have been very unwise.

So, I flew over the range officers and volunteers who did their events Wednesday and Thursday, then the final two stages Sunday morning before the competitors left to go home.

Despite the weather disaster (you should have seen the competitors, huddled in parkas and sitting in their cars to keep warm), this gallery should give you an idea of the kind of athletic and shooting challenges the Nationals present. Only those with well-developed shooting skills can achieve any success, and the slightest error or equipment hiccup can end your chances.

Despite that, competing at this level is both high pressure and pure fun!

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