2017 Sure Fire Multi-Gun Match Final Day


I was privileged once again to provide drone videos for the Surefire competition, created by my friends Pete Rensing and Michael Voigt. As you will see, it is an extraordinary challenge to competitors and their equipment. That is purposeful; these competitors are so skilled it takes very complex stages to sort out the very best.

I should mention that the DJI drones that I use do not provide audio, about which I have complained bitterly. They insist that the microphone would only pick up the sound of prop wash. When I said, “Over gunfire?’ their faces went blank.

Pete assigned me to cover Squad One, which included highly-ranked competitors in different categories (Optical sights, tactical with iron sights and Ladies).

The twelve stages varied from speed courses to Iron Man epics with steel targets far up the mountain side under the Pro Gun Club letters.

The first gallery covers the first two days, the second shows the very busy final day, and the third has a few from the shootoff stage, when I began having troubles with my drones’ communication systems. Sorry I couldn’t get all of the shootoff runs.

For the shooters’ convenience, I arranged the videos by shooter name. That way, any shooter can look at his or her runs gathered together.

My thanks to the terrific competitors for their tolerance of the drone, which as a long-time competitor myself tried to keep from distracting them.

Hope you enjoy the action!

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The Shootoff Stage

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