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Sure Fire Multi-Gun Match 2015 Gallery in Boulder City, NV


I took my small Phantom drone to the National Multi-gun Championships in the Spring. Got some nice overviews, but then the wind came up and blew the Phantom out of the sky.

Fast forward to October. I now fly the DJI Inspire Pro, which is heavier and more powerful, drives more like a bus and has much better wind resistance.

Happily, the Surefire Institute, a training organization located at the Pro Gun Range in nearby Boulder City, puts on its large Multi-gun match in October. After many drone expeditions, I’m now more experienced as well as better equipped.
These galleries cover the three separate sections of the match. There were two days for non-professionals, three days for the semi-professionals, and a rollicking three days for the money shooters, the professionals.

Arbitrarily, I put the professionals’ gallery first for your enjoyment, so visitors see the sport being performed at its highest skill level.

There were thirteen stages, designed by Pete Rensing (the entrepreneur who founded the Surefire Institute). Pete and his staff built demanding, physical, diabolical stages which included many walls and vision barriers, close targets for fast shooting, lots of steel at all distances for all three kinds of weapons (pistol, rifle and shotgun) and the ultimate challenge, steel targets placed more than 300 yards away, and up on a mountainside.

The physical demands of the stages strained the shooters and their equipment. Parts broke, shooters suffered mental errors, and a couple of days were plagued with strong winds. The winners deserved the honors they received!




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