Memories of See & Sea Travel,Inc.

Our History Over Three Decades

See & Sea Travel was theworld's first and largest travel agency exclusively devoted to divers. Founded in1966, See & Sea has sent thousands of divers on undersea vacations to all theworld's great tropical reefs. Clients came from all walks of life and all over theglobe.

See & Sea's most famous offeringwas its annual Great White Shark expedition. Pioneered in 1976, this program putdivers in steel cages to photograph the legendary Jaws. Our 1988 program hosted Mr. Hugh Downs for the filmingof an ABC-TV 20/20 segment. In 1994 three new prime-time TV films came from our whiteshark adventures.

See & Sea led the developmentof live-aboard dive cruisers in the world's most exotic dive locales. Since 1972,See & Sea introduced one or more top-quality live-aboard cruisers each year.

These live-aboard cruisers offeredtwo great advantages to our clients.

  1. See & Sea's divers explored remote, untouched reefs far from any hotel.
  2. Divers could dive as much as they wished, whenever they wished, day or night.

We felt that these qualitiesmade See & Sea live-aboard cruises the finest values in the diving world.

See & Sea's professionalstaff were led by former president, Carl Roessler, internationally renowned authorand photographer. The travel specialists at See & Sea were all divers who spenttheir own vacations aboard See & Sea's fleet of dive cruisers.

The See & Sea diving experiencewas designed for individuals, couples and families. On the larger dive cruisers,groups of twelve to twenty divers shared the adventure. Most of the dive cruisersoffered air-conditioned private accommodations, excellent food and trained crewsto assist clients. The latest additions to See & Sea's fleet were several newmillion-dollar cruisers in the Red Sea, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Western Australia!

Beyond offering the world's largestfleet of exotic dive cruisers, See & Sea offered divers who preferred shore accommodationsa selection of carefully screened hotel/resorts.

As the leader in the dive travelindustry, See & Sea set the standards for comfort, reliability, and superb diving.A very high proportion of repeat clients were the company's proudest advertisement.Indeed, some divers made more than twenty See & Sea trips.

Carl Roessler constantly explored new areasfor See & Sea operations. The company's aim was to have a first-class facilityin every prime diving arena on the planet.

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