New Excitement in Ponape!(Pohnpei)

By Carl Roessler

Wind Cheetah

For many years, Ponape in Micronesia has been served only by shore-based diving facilities. Now, during the months of May through October of each year, the 56-foot catamaran Wind Cheetah will sail from South Australia and take up residence in Ponape.

Operated by the resourceful and dedicated Jim and Josie Thiselton of Kangaroo Island, Wind Cheetah offers modern comfort to up to six adventurous divers. Not only the reefs around Ant Atoll and Ponape will be available, but any atoll within 100 miles is a target for this spacious, speedy catamaran.

The ship is rigged for all the diving you would ever want, and being in Ponape it can also offer the fabled waterfall and ancient city of Nan Madol during your stay. I spent a few days with Jim and Josie immediately after they took delivery of the new boat, and they were already making plans for enhancements for avid divers. One thing for sure, Jim loves to dive and to show his guests the offbeat and unusual marine life his keen eyes discover. After diving on three different visits with Jim in South Australia, I can personally attest to his ability to find marine creatures even those with legendary camouflage like his trademark Leafy Sea Dragons.

The very next time you are in Micronesia during that May to November season, let me know and Iíll be happy to arrange your unforgettable adventure on this new live-aboard. These extra days may be among your most pristine and exciting of all your travels in the atolls of Micronesia!

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