Great White Sharks

Open Wide!!!Thismost special of all undersea adventures takes us to the cool waters of South Australia.Here we'll live aboard a one hundred and fifty foot "tall ship", the motorsailor Falie. We will use three shark cagesand photograph the great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias.

I have enjoyed this unique adventure since 1976 (when the original Jaws was intheaters). Members have filmed as many as thirteen of these magnificent predatorson a single expedition, and we've had up to seven in a single day.

So thrilling is this adventure that one statistic will suffice! Almost every clientwho has chosen this trip has returned to experience it a second time!

The program is operated like an African safari - the best guides and facilitiesenable us to attract and film fifteen foot white sharks as we would elephants orrhinos. This is a thoroughly professional photo safari for the most perfect of allthe sea's hunting animals.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it poses risks for the unwary.There have been some other expeditions in South Australia which have totally failedto deliver white sharks! Divers who feel that there is a cheaper, shorter way tofilm the sharks may have a rude shock in store. These programs will never compromiseyour chance to see the sharks. We owe it to you never to cut corners and risk failure.

SMILE!Thedive boat, Falie, has three cages for upto ten divers. While we bait the sharks there is a great deal of good topside photography.Once we know the sharks are excited enough to stay, we lower the cages (which floatjust beneath the surface). Each diver suits up and stands on the stern platform;when the cage is pulled to the platform, the diver merely takes one step and dropsinto the cage. Once in the cages, you move from one vantage point in the viewingwindow to another. The sharks can't get in, yet you may take photographs at pointblank range. Call now for your greatest adventure ever!

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