Malpelo -- The Inzan Tiger

The New Thriller Destination!

MalpeloIsland is a tiny but spectacular island which lies in open ocean between famed CocosIsland and the coast of Colombia. It is totally barren with sheer 400 foot cliffsplunging straight down into the sea on all sides. There are no protected anchorages,and no place to go on shore.

These hostile conditions limit Malpelo to smaller groups aboard smaller vesselswhich can work close to the cliffs. The Inzan Tiger, an opulent 60-foot vesselfor four guests, is the perfect platform for diving the very specific diveable sites.The comfort and food rival that of any live-aboard in the industry, and on-boardservice is superb.

Cruises aboard The Inzan Tiger are structured like our long-famedcruises to Cocos Island. Guest fly into San Jose, Costa Rica for a hotel overnight,then fly next morning to Golfito on the coast to board The Inzan Tiger. Aftera 30 hour cruise we arrive at Malpelo and begin diving. The main attractions at Malpeloare several swarms of hammerhead sharks. One site known as Carl's Corner repeatedlydelivers swarms of hundreds at all depths for incredible photography.

While several sites yield hammerheads, there are other sensational subjects aswell. Huge amberjacks watch us curiously on most dives, as do giant schools of jacks,golden goatfish, rainbow fish, and white-striped angelfish (which provide cleaningservices for the hammerheads).

There are green moray eels everywhere; on some sites it is literally hard to putyour hand down without disturbing one.

Those of you who have dived Cocos Island or the Northern Islands of the Galapagos(Darwin and Wolf), will find Malpelo another experience of the same magnitude. Withits limited season of December through June, The Inzan Tiger's six-passenger capacity will only be able to accommodate thoseof you who act quickly. We assure you that the swarming hammerheads of Malpelo area thrill you will never forget.

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