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Lionfish - Pterois!

A funny thing happened on the way to Palau. A six-passenger vessel with impeccableservice took on some of the best-known big-boat chains, and prospered mightily.

The small vessel comes right to the entry point of each site and inserts its diversinto the water. Meanwhile the big boats have difficulty anchoring on Palau's veryshallow reef-tops. Their passengers can have significant chase-boat rides, whichcan reduce their amount of dives each day.Ghostpipe Fish

The 4 to 6 passenger Ocean Hunter, onthe other hand, was designed precisely for Palau. It can anchor right on the divesites so you dive right off Ocean Hunter itself and you can have as many tanksper day as good practice allows. Divers are managing up to 6 or 7 tanks on Palau'sgreatest reefs!

This is the perfect vessel for couples, for families, or for serious divers whowant uncrowded reefs.

Blue Hole Enterance.Ocean Hunter is air conditioned, and designedfor divers. Because she need not satisfy the demands of sixteen to twenty other divers,her small groups can cater to the needs of individuals and couples. Palau's divingis the stuff of legend the sheer walls, Ngemelis Pass, the Point, Turtle Cove, andthe Quadruple Blue Hole. Diving in Palau offers sheer 900-foot dropoffs with waterclarity sometimes exceeding 200 feet plus unusual caverns filled with stalagtites.

Another very strong aspect of Palau's diving is that it is in protected water.That plus the air conditioning makes every night's sleep serene and restful.

What a Beach!Call or e-mail today to plan your superb vacationtoday in this Micronesian paradise. Ocean Hunter has year-round departuredates, and can easily be combined with diving adventures in Yap or in Truk Lagoonfor a more ambitious itinerary.

Ocean Hunter's normal cruises are one week in length; but she is availableon a charter basis for longer cruises to outlying islands. This new yacht may bejust the perfect vehicle for your own unlimited diving adventure in these sublimelybeautiful waters.

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